The projects

Implementation of an infrastructure for not clairvoyant in Algeria. It consist of the construction renovation and complete arrangement of a premises. The purpose of this action is to offer to these people the possibility of exercising a job such as the creation of maintenance materials . Sponsoring of an old blind man and deprive. Offer of a sum of money to help him to meet these needs.


Financial and moral support of a needy family. This family is mostly composed by handicapped person. Care of the purchase of diaper and food. Collaboration with an association specialize in the fight against cancer, with the purchase of mammary prostheses and wigs intended for the people suffering from breast cancer. Support and reconfort for orphan and old person in Oran with medicine donation .






2009 :

A Meeting having taken place during three days with 40 doctors from Africa and Maghreb for the development of the medicine methods on the microsurgery. The association participated in the purchase of three plane tickets.


2008 :

Completes medical care of Amel. Big solidarity campaign to save Amel. March 14th, 1st operation (arrived on March 8th, 2008)
Medical coverage of a woman paralyzed of the hand.


2007 :

Project of medical collaboration between France and Algeria. Arrival of French doctors in Algeria to help the medical profession on-the-spot and  bring a big care without breaking the family links. The agreement was concluded between the hospital of Benaknoun and the association. (Help(assistant) of professor Ben Bouzid)


2006 :

Distribution of medicine and a wheelchair in Morocco. Purchase of school stationery in Algeria for deprived children. 22 pupils were dressed in Oran. Help of purchase of garment for eight orphans. 200 children received candys bags and toilet bags. Food packages and clothes were distributed in ash of Lakdaria in Algeria. 200 cancerous children benefited of an outlet at the sea


2005 :

100 orphans received new clothes such as shoe, school bags, aprons.


2004 :

Purchase of school stationery to the children deprived in Algeria.

Fourniture scolaire

2003 :

Sending of a container of 41 wheelchairs and clothes. Solidarity operation to face earthquake in Algeria. Implementation of a partnership with the municipality of Rueil Malmaison. Harvest of clothes, school equipment and hygiene product.

2002 :

Purchase of school stationery and clothes for child. Clothes for elderly person and children. Action of charity for the benefit of the children of Lakhdaria (Bouira).


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