Project of screening of the Breast cancers and the cervix uteri realized by our Association Tendre La Main to Bouira

The cancer is major problem of health in the world. According to the OMS, the number of new cases of cancer in 2012 is estimated at 14,1 millions and number of deaths in 8,2 millions.

On the horizon 2030, it is planned that the number of deaths by cancer in the world amounts to 13,1 millions.

In Algeria, the evolution of the cancer passed from 27750 cases in 2000 to 48000 cases in 2013.

The cancer screening in the early stage is at the moment, the only one equips to improve the state in which the patients are seen, he allows to reduce the mortality of these patients, to insure a better survival of them to see a total cure and to reduce the costs of care.

The association Tendre La Main always committed to improve the care of the Algerians patients organized 17 and 18 Mars 2015 a partnership of screening of the breast cancers and the cervix uteri to Bouira.

The Details of the project :

Targeted population : 350 Women of the Wilaya of Bouira

Duration of the screening : two days, 17 and 18 March 2015

Site of the screening : EPH of Bouira

Initiator of the project : association Tendre La Main

Collaboration with : EPH of Bouira, EPH Mechd’ Allah, El Fedjr de Tizi Ouzou association.

Staff :

– Team of the association Tendre La Main;

– Doctors, nurses and the Oncologist of the EPH Bouira;

– Prof. Ferhat’s team (Oncologists of the CHU of Tizi Ouzou);

– Prof. Abrous’s team (Gynecologists of the CHU of Tizi Ouzou);

– Team of the association El Fedjr from Tizi Ouzou;

Infrastructure : the screening took place at the level of the rooms of examination in the EPH of Bouira, the room of consultation of sénologie and two rooms for the consultations of gynecology and the takings.

Laboratory of Anapathologie : the routing of 350 takings FCV was made by the EPH of Bouira towards the laboratory of anatomo-pathology of the EPH Mechd’ Allah.

Evaluation and outcomes of the investigation : (Dr Boulenouar of the unit of oncology and the midwives of the EPH of Bouira) will be taken care for the follow-up in the context of a study of prevalence by the team of the EPH Bouira.

Estimation of the project : 134 million cents.

1-    Material for the screening: specula, Cytobrosses, Crowbars, Gloves, Swabs, Blades, Spatulas = 54 million cents (It is the EPH of Bouira that took care of the material).

2-   350 takings FCV = 35 million cents (It is the EPH of Mechd’ Allah that took care of the sample)

3-   200 Mammographies = 45 million cents (Sponsor of Laboratories AstraZeneca Algérie).





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