Our medical actions

In 2006, the association Tendre La Main goes into the medical domain by the obtaining of an agreement with the public assistants of the hospitals of Paris: the reception center of door of Vanves, the Saint-Louis hospital, The Lariboisière, the Foch hospital and the Garches hospital.



After so much experience on the ground, Madam NAFAA finds that it’s better to implement a new project with the contribution of the doctors so abroad as in France to be able to look after the sick people.

The goal : organize and support the medical care, promote and encourage initiatives of trainings, information and exchanges in the scientific domain.



Actions were led by the association Tendre La Main in near our Algerian sick in trouble in particular their support since the made an appointment till the end of the care.

Seminaries, were organized in Algeria at Ben Aknoun’s hospital in the presence of Doctor Diverez, Doctor Dellasanta and professor Oberlin on the microsurgery of the hand (with the cooperation of several doctors from the Maghreb) of which the last one on November 17th on the paralysis of 4 members with professor Alain Gibert and his Doctor anaesthetist A THIRION on the theme Treatment of the paralysis obstetric of the brachial plexus.

The seminaries took place at Ben Aknoun’s hospital with professor Ben Bouzid with the cooperation of 60 young Algerian doctors. Purchase of three plane tickets Algiers – Oran by the association Tendre La Main for doctors of the association NOUR EDOHA of the cancer patients to participate in a seminary.

Purchases of medical equipment and medicine.


The association Tendre La Main made several medical purchases to help the maximum of needy people. It is indeed about sums of money rather important, between 2000 and 10000 euros of medicine per year on request.

Concerning the medical equipment, approximately 100 wheelchairs were bought, 200 sticks for the not clairvoyants and more than 200 crutches and the corsets.

The association also donated a big quantity of sugar for diabetics and glasses for destitute children. She also took care of more than 200 artificial breasts and of 500 urinary pockets for sick abroad.


500 patients benefited from a financial support for them external care (radiography, scanner, medical examination, restoration) and transport in France but also abroad.


We also took care, for the children reached of orphan and rare diseases (Tyrosinémie of type 1) for the purchase of a particular diet of laboratories Taranis.


The association made a commitment to buy every month, for two serious burn victims, renewable masks for a total 2000-euro cost per year and per person.


Grand brûlé

Samir 5 years old

Burn by some acid. His parents live in a village in Algeria and do not have the means to meet its treatment which must be renewed every 6 months. His care are very expensive.

Grand brulé

Saad 26 years old

Saad needs to be to sponsor for the purchase of a mask, he is lacking means.

Grand brûlé

Aïcha 6 years old

Aïcha needs to be to sponsor for the purchase of a mask.

Grand brûlé

Hayat 38 years old

Hayat needs to be to sponsor for the purchase of a mask, she was a victim of an accident in the home during her marriage.

Adam maladie rare

Adam 4 years old

Adam has just had 4ans, he suffers from a rare disease which imposes him a strict dietary diet without proteins. It is the only case listed in Algeria, the medicine which it needs is very expensive. His parents do not arrange sufficient income to pay his box of medicine

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