Our cultural actions

Earthquake in Algeria in 2003 and in partnership with the city hall of Rueil Malmaison a container of first care and equipment necessary for the victims were sent.


150 children  benefit  each year at the start of the school year, since the creation of the association of tracksuits, shoes, school bags and school stationeries.


Since 2004 the association Tendre La Main participates at the show of the UOIF at Bourget, each donation is poured for the sick people and The needy. 3oo families per year benefit from the basket of Ramadan intended there (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia).

Participation of the association Tendre La Main at several repatriations of the sick died towards their origin country . Purchases of disposable nappy for Handicapped persons (adults) in a large number per year, among which 4 handicapped persons of the same family and who benefited from a tank of 2000 liter water with initial expenses .Parrainage of elderly and needy sick.


Purchase of a washing machine for the hospital Mustapha, departments paediatrics (Algéria). Purchase of a refrigerator for the association of cancer patients of Nour Adoha with the purchase of two plane tickets (Alger-Oran) for two doctors with the aim of participate at a seminary. Purchase of two Water fountains for two departments at the hospital Mustapha Bacha (Algeria).


Distribution of candies, presents and toilet bags and clothes to the cancerous children, approximately 300 patients per year abroad.


Outing to the sea for cancerous and needy children, approximately 900 children for these last five years.




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