Medical shares in Algeria

The humanitarian aids of the association Tendre The Hand from 2002 till 2015

Tendre La Main spent more than 15 000 euros a year in the purchase of medicine.

Further to requests of people with reduced mobility coming from the Maghreb, the association took care of the sending of medical equipments. More than 150 wheelchairs were bought, 200 sticks for the not clairvoyants, more than 400 crutches, corsets, specific diet of laboratory Taranis, compressifs clothes and silicone masks for the serious burn victims. A humanitarian convoy of fortifying food went in Algeria. The association distributed more than 700 artificial breasts to hospitals for women reached by the breast cancer, 1700 urinary pockets and the suturing thread . Tendre La Main gave 250 spectacle frames for destitute children, and supplied a big quantity of sugar and candies without sugar for children diabetics.


More than 1800 deprived families benefited from the “Basket of Ramadan”. And 20 000 children took advantage of clothes of Aïd and of school supplies for the comeback.

During a long period, the association led the steps to make the Algerian patients come in France so that they are made well-kept. The association had set up in particular a support of the sick person during its administrative procedures for the extension of its stay at the request of the doctors.

Furthermore, Tendre La Main helped in the accomodation of the sick people if the stay at the hospital take end.

The charges of repatriation in the event of death for the uninsured patien were borne by the association.

At the end of 10 years of experience with the Algerian patients in France, madam Nafaa put in place in Algeria the first medical action with Professor Alain Gilbert and his team specialized on the paralyses of the brachial plexus and the plastic surgery. The third action was based on the ophthalmology with doctor Sahbati. Madam Nafaa wishes that other specialities are born and more exchanges between the doctors in France and in Algeria and the training for the young doctors. The advantages being to look on the spot, to bring care without breaking the family links. What allows to prevent the patient from coming in France and meet emotional and financial problems, like that took place previously.



The first experience start in November 17th, 2012 to Ben Aknoun’s hospital with professor Benbouzid and team of professor Alain Gilbert specialized in the surgery brachial plexus. His team was constituted of :

– Dr Caroline Leclerc, surgeon
– Anne Thériot, anesthetist
– Piero Luigi Raimondi, surgeon
– Valérie Thirion, anesthetist

The association takes care of the ticket and of the accommodation of the doctor.



bb alain gilbert

Médecin tenant des radiographies

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