Important message: new Rules of the Association Tendre La Main

Nouveau règlement Tendre La Main

The association Tendre La Main took care between 2002 and 2012 of a lot of Algerian patient, what was a considerable cost. There is a lot of requests but not so many donations. For financial and security reasons, the association does not take care any more of the travel, the accommodation and the expenses of hospitalization of the North Africans patients in France. There are pathologies after which we can look in the Maghreb. Tendre La Main collaborates with French doctors and Algerian doctors, it can help to obtain the second medical opinion, the estimate, to finance medicine and medical equipment, to make an appointment with doctors provided that the case does not exceed a period of 3 months, provided that there is a letter of the doctor (specialist demand), presence of prescription.

Thank you of your understanding.

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