The history(story) of Amel, Amel the hope, Amel of yesterday, Amel of today, Amel of tomorrow …

The girl Amel was born, in 2002, with a congenital facial deformation. The view and the sense of smell are both failing. She lived her first years in the hospital in Algeria, only to face her disease because her parents unfortunately abandoned her.

Amel bébé

6 months after the creation of the association Tendre La Main, Mrs Nafaa met the girl Amel while she had only 6 months.

During the frequent visits of the president of the association Tendre La Main at the hospital,  an emotional link be created between Amel and Mrs NAFAA who take her case first and foremost. After a laborious route between various doctors and administrative procedures, it appeared a likely hope to help Amel, then, began the campaign of mobilization of the team Tendre La Main and the generosity of our dear donors to bring to a successful conclusion the total care of the girl. In 2008 Amel arrived in France to undergo heavy operations with competent doctors.

Today, she found back smile, she sings, she dances and plays the piano but especially at the moment, she has a family and full of friends.



She waits patiently for the programming of the surgery which remain her to make because the road is still long so she can find a normal face.


Amel needs more than ever you, your support and feel that people are by her side to give her the hope to overcome its disease.




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